10 effective ways to make money online

January 20, 2018
10 effective ways to make money online


Are you one of those daydreamers who intend to make money online? It surely doesn’t matter if you are looking for ways to escape the 9-to-5 reversible cycle. The ocean of life is too deep to examine your skills and turn into an achievement.


There is no set time to start something, for you never know what may turn out to be rewarding any moment. Moreover, when it’s about online business, you must never step back.


The reason behind saying so is quite obvious to many of us. We ourselves are the living example of the “so-trending-Internet” which is finding its use day by day on a larger scale.


A recent survey suggests the remarkable growth in the usage of internet in coming years-2020. The report shows that an average internet user may generate around 44.1 gigabytes of traffic/ month(up from 18.9 gigabytes in 2015) using it effectively.


 make money online


However, with the internet giving you wide platform to fulfill your dreams. Buckle up and seize the opportunity to your fullest. We do not urge you to leave your job and sit at home in order to make money online.


Instead, add extra perks to your earning. Below we are listing “TEN” amazing ways to make money online.


Do not miss “#3”- It’s ALL NEW!


One Third of mobile-internet (M-Commerce) estimated revenue was $353.68 billion in 2017.


What would you learn after reading this post?


A brief on 10 different legitimate and long term online money making businesses:


How to earn full-time income without even having your own inventories


How to monetize your skills and make money online


Learn the all new concept of RELISTING along with DROPSHIPPING and make money online 


Why you don't need a product (store) to start an eCommerce business and make money online


How to build a thriving online business and earn only with clicks


Let’s get started.




Are you really looking to make money online, without having to invest much?


They say, one must never work in free for things you are good at. Well, now is the time to arise the J.K. Rowling inside you and let the world know your hidden talent of writing. Convey your thoughts in words and let the world make money for you by hitting clicks.


Pick up random general topics such as-


How to score good in exams?


How to find the best online Marketplace?


And so on, more than 70% of the readers search for problem-solving content. Analyze it for yourself, no one would hunt for the term “hairfall”.


Instead, people would look for “hair fall solutions”.


Get a list of hundred such topics beforehand. Publish blog maintaining the consistency i.e. plan out a fixed day of every day/week in order to publish a blog. You can fix your readers following this pattern. Search for trending keywords prior writing.


Get help from online tools such as “SEMrush” , ‘LSI Graph” etc.



 make money online


Blogs prove to easily generate tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. With consistency in order to get there. However, a year from now you'll wish you started today. So why kill your time now and wait for another moment?




I won’t refrain from accepting the fact that “freelancing” is yet another famous term among every age-group. The graph above shows the active participation of various section of people in freelancing.


Pondering more on the data would make us aware of the fact that the stats comprises of both the working and non-working profile people.


Which suggests that “Freelancing does not demand a commitment of your month’s time and stay dedicated for a month or so”. You can simply pick small tasks that fits in your time.




Where can you find your Freelancing Projects?


The giant marketplaces of Freelancing are- Upwork and Fiverr.


Get started with Upwork. All it requires is your email active email ID and you will be given a 30 Days trial package. Freelancing seems to employ a large section of people.


The best part of freelancing is that it enables you make money online from work at home. It also gives you the liberty to choose the projects you like to work upon.


Dropshipping and Relist


Dropshipping is a marvelous way to kick start your very own eCommerce business. It does not requires any physical inventories. Neither do you need to stock products in a physical location.


Dropshipping does not demands warehouses that is you can run your dropshipping business from any corner of the world. Neither does dropshipping asks you to quit your 9-5 job.   


Whenever a purchase is made, you place an order with a third party who manages it all- from shipping the order to get it delivered at the right place.


Start dropshipping from scratch. Know all the profitable dropshipping niche before getting products on to you store(below we have provided the link to find 10 profitable dropshipping niches).


However, with CedCommerce Dropship, you leverage the opportunity to RELIST your product and double your benefit.


How does Dropshipping and Relisting works together?


Get your products imported  from AliExpress.


Sell them to marketplaces with over 10 times price(you earn 10x profit).


RELIST (by relisting them) your products to other stores (at prices of your choice). Hence, make money online and double your profit. RELIST is a simple term which means listing a product on another store.


Conduct Online Workshops


Now that digitalization is at its peak and you have much information on trending topics, you may come up with online workshops and charge fee accordingly. Remember, charging less amount in the beginning is a good way to get your workshops publicity done in the right manner.


Get helps from online forums and social media tools such as- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.


These are best social media tool to drive a large audience to your workshop. Conduct it LIVE.

How to get started with your workshop?



Select a topic, that would help you drive a lot of traffic to your workshop. Form a facebook PAGE/GROUP. Add members onto the group and go live or upload a recorded session.


Keep posting certain contents/ images from time to time in order to remind and update your audiences. Make money online through online payment methods by creating a bank account dedicated for this workshop payment.


Create YouTube Channel


Let the world know your hidden talent- set up and build your YouTube channel. Your channel is your live presence on YouTube. Every YouTube account comes with one channel attached to it, which can easily be monetized.


YouTube awards you on crossing a certain threshold such as YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON.


The story doesn’t ends here instead you can monetize your videos. Monetization does not demand lots of effort.


Make money online hand in hand through Blogging and Creating videos- Provide the URL of your blog in the bio section of youtube and vice versa. Help your audience drive traffic to your blog and youtube at the same time.


Steps to Monetize your video:

Go to youtube's website and click "My Channel" on the webpage.

Click the link called "Video Manager" on the top bar.

Click channel and Enable on monetization.


Add effective content in order to attract visitors view your video. Upload videos and contents that keeps your audience hooked.




Image Source: upfuel


A case study report stated that the owner came out to earn $4,534.41 by selling her kindle book for $2.99 in an year.


There is no denying in the fact that everyone of us dreamt of becoming an author once in our lifetime. Well, AMAZON’s Kindle eBook has brought us the opportunity of writing a book of our own and let the world know our names. Thus, helping us make money online.  


Publishing books for kindle is popular as “The New Gold Rush”. Amazon is such a big name in itself which needs no introduction. Unlike other places, Amazon seems to dominating here in the race of publishing books too.


It is easy to upload your book, once you have finished writing it. Amazon uses .mobi but if you use MS Word, you can upload a simple Word document.


Once you write your book, you simply upload it to Amazon’s servers for review. Amazon uses a specific type of file called a .mobi but if you use MS Word, you can upload a simple Word document and get your writing approved by Amazon.


Teach Online


One of the probable characteristics of a tech savvy is that they do not to put much efforts for anything. This tender behavior brings another opportunity for you to make money online.


make money online


Do not kill your time in thinking for best online courses to start with rather invest your time in building materials for online teaching methods.


Pick up topics you feel confident in explaining from the scratch. Reach massive range of audiences with topics like- Music Tutorials, Become an expert in JAVA etc.


Reward yourselves by teaching online and make money online. Listen to some effective Podcasts before you start. Come with effective PPTs (PowerPoint Presentations), PDFs and lots of other materials.


Create An App


There's no denying it. Apps are big business. However, if you get this feeling of being a tech-geek. Internet is the best platform to portray your creative yet technical skills and make money online. The most apt place to hover your technical experience.


Every other person is seen with a smartphone today and its use is increasing day by day. So all you need to do is code it in a right manner and put it in front of people.


Not only can you limit the apps to yourself. Instead, you can even create a website of your own and bid for your app. But, yes there is often a “but”. One can not make money online through all kinds of app. Rather, you need to plan for some best selling apps.


With platforms like android and iOS, the app market has experienced substantial growth and is expected to employ 40% of app developers with  $5,000 per month.


Website Flipping


It is all about getting huge traffic. Website flipping gives you an opportunity to get paid in huge sums. Again, do keep in mind “Rome was not build in a day”. So will you need to give time and plan out all the effective measures till then.


The value of your site is determined by its monthly traffic volume. Come up with plans to stay different from your competitors. Don’t stand in the queue unlike everyone else. Build a website with some outstanding features.


Neither should you come up with the same repetitive lines such as- “click our website to know more”. Instead, come up with effective lines such as “Facing issues in getting high traffic to your website?” , “Drive high traffic to your website” etc.


Go on gather huge number of clicks and make money online.


An eCommerce store to make money online


Don’t limit your earning only till a physical inventory store. Instead, make money online with the internet usage increasing rapidly day by day. An eCommerce store proves to bring the best solution for you. Leverage your customers with insta-delivery of orders.


Come up with loyalty bonuses and offers for your regular customers. These measures helps in boosting the morale of your customers on a large means.


Select the best profitable niche and get them to your eCommerce stores right away. If you have trouble in finding the best suited profitable niches for 2018. We have brought a list of best promising profitable niche that would bring a boom to grow sales. Click here to know more.


However, if you are looking for measures to avoid managing the inventories and do not have any online store. We bring the option for you in that case- Dropshipping. Read here to start dropshipping in a minute.


“It’s never too late to start smart”- Buck up and seize the opportunity. Get the best out of your computer and internet. Earn while you travel around the globe. Make money online and get the out of your “internet-savvy” attitude.


Go on start with any of the above mentioned pointers that suits you the best. Trust me none of them demands high efforts from you except for a dedicated mind. Put your laziness in a corner and start with most exciting option now.  


However, you may find #6 as the most promising one. Since, it does not demand much efforts from your end. If writing has been your passion since your childhood days. Why don’t convert that passion into a profession?


So gear up and adapt all the effective measures to make money online. Do reach us in case of any query. Feel free to input your feedbacks in the comment section below.


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