The Complete Dropshipping Guide: How to Make Money with Aliexpress Sellers?

April 14, 2018
The Complete Dropshipping Guide: How to Make Money with Aliexpress Sellers?



Have you ever thought how do the best selling stores sweep massive audiences?


It’s no surprise that online sales are expanding.


With more patrons shopping online than ever before, dealers have their work cut out for them to get noticed.


Over half of the people prefers to shop online. Isn’t that great for all of you online retailers out there?


Imagine the amount of revenue you might make every second.


Sounds captivating right?


Back to the truth.


With the proliferation of online marketplaces and hoards of choices available to consumers.


A glimpse of all that you would come to know about- 



Why AliExpress dropshipping sellers stand out of the crowd?-here

-AliExpress’s Product Range-here

-AliExpress dropshipping sellers charge no fees-here

-No MarkUp Limit-here

-AliExpress’s Global Reach here

Shopping Experiences made better with AliExpress dropshipping sellers-here

-Select your Niche-here

Choose the AliExpress dropshipping sellers with 95% and higher feedback-here

-Don’t hunt for the “lowest price”-here




-Check out “other” products on Salehere

A word with the AliExpress dropshipping sellers here

Heed onto the responsiveness of AliExpress dropshipping sellers-here

Never miss out negotiating prices on bulk orders-here

Did you go through the item specs carefully?-here

The AliExpress Rating Symbols-here


How to contact AliExpress dropshipping sellers right away?-here

A Final Word on AliExpress dropshipping sellers-here




However, it's tough to get the attention you need to drive traffic and generate revenue.


Moreover, the prime thing that counts in driving traffic to your online store is getting the right products.


Your products can be as good as the people who supply it. “Finding the right seller is always the game changer in the eCommerce business”.


Fortunately with the advent of the Internet and top brands like “AliExpress”- the days of scouring factories are over.


The giant marketplace- “AliExpress” makes it extremely easy to source virtually anything — be it the spare parts, supplies, and finished products.


Be it social media platforms or any other forum, we have come across a number of entrepreneurs coming out with this very common eCommerce business issue-


“What are the top seller products on AliExpress?” and “which are the top selling products online? Here are some:



AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers

AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


Of course, contacting the right and best AliExpress dropshipping sellers is no miracle. One needs a lot of research for the same- it often takes days, weeks, months and we have even come across merchants/dropshippers who have spent years in forming the complete directory of suppliers/sellers.


Which is why we’ve come up with this step by step guide to help you choose the best AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


Did you know?

AliExpress makes it super-easy to find products to sell on your store.

You don’t need to worry about the shipment or managing the inventory of products.

*The AliExpress dropshipping sellers allows you to pay for products at wholesale prices and have them dropshipped directly to your customers with no delivery charges (or hardly some $2-$4 shipping charges) within 3-4 business days. Explore more about AliExpress ePackets-here.


Why AliExpress dropshipping sellers stand out of the crowd?


Holding the 53rd rank globally, AliExpress successfully withholds a total visit of 637.48 mn unique visitors (as per similarweb in the past six months).


AliExpress’s success is not only limited only to its figures but also the other set of exclusive that it offers-


AliExpress’s Product Range:


There is no denying in the fact that AliExpress offers a wide variety of products ranging from apparels, electronics, items of furniture, motor spare products to a tiny needle.

Thus, bringing a wide variety of options for you. Typically, if you are a dropshipper or possess an online store owner.

Unlike other online stores, AliExpress facilitates the interaction between sellers and buyers.

Wherein, the AliExpress dropshipping sellers can freely put on their offers on the website.


AliExpress dropshipping sellers charge no fees:  


Another thing about AliExpress dropshipping sellers is that they do not charge any monthly/yearly subscription fees.

Any expenses associated with any kind of refunds and returns are solely put up on the AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


Speaking of AliExpress’s subscription fees- you can start working with AliExpress dropshipping sellers directly without any additional payments during the whole process of business collaboration.


How about exploring most profitable niche for your online site ?


Explore Here


No MarkUp Limit:   


The AliExpress dropshipping sellers do not limit the markup price for any item.


The retailer is free to set up any price as per his wish. Moreover, AliExpress offers products at the least prices possible.


However, the increase in price even for a number of times will not affect end buyers (customers) negatively and will result in ample amount of financial gains for any dropshipper.


Thus, making it a win-win situation for all the parties including the AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


Why would someone buy a product from your store if they can find the same product on AliExpress?


Well, let us explain it this way with an AliExpress dropshipping business, your effective pricing or unique products won’t matter as much as reaching out your customers before you.

An effective marketing strategy; adding value to your prospects by creating a brand; boosting your customer’s confidence by providing them free offers, white papers; Providing your customer’s excellent services will help you double your profit in minutes.


AliExpress dropshipping sellers do not have any pre-decided sales limit:


The AliExpress dropshipping sellers do not have any threshold for the dropshippers to reach a certain amount of orders/purchases.


AliExpress’s Global Reach:


The only benefit of starting a dropshipping business is that you can literally sell out anything to any part of the globe. AliExpress dropshipping sellers do not limit their product reach to certain locations.


Instead, being a dropshipper you can easily sell your products worldwide with the help of AliExpress dropshipping sellers. Without narrowing your products to a certain geographical segment.  


Shopping Experiences made better with AliExpress dropshipping sellers:


In order not to spoil your shopping experience at Chinese stores, it is imperative to pay attention to the seller’s information, customer’s feedback and their rating level.

As said, “It is often better to be safe than sorry”. Especially when the competition among AliExpress dropshipping sellers is reaching heights, today.


Selecting the relevant AliExpress dropshipping sellers is a must!

As quoted by Josiah Go, “Think RELEVANCE over UNIQUENESS. Else you will become uniquely irrelevant.”

Let’s go through the hacks in selecting the right AliExpress dropshipping sellers:


1. Select your Niche


Even before selecting the best AliExpress dropshipping sellers comes the ritual of selecting the “apt” product (profitable dropshipping niche).


Before selecting any niche, question yourself- “Will it sell profitably?”


“Will I be able to generate enough ROI through the particular dropshipping niche?”


Answering such questions need “research’ probably a lot of research. Well, to cut down your efforts we have listed down the profitable dropshipping niches of 2018- here.


However, if you want to sell out some products considering that it would help you increase your revenue or will benefit you somehow.


You need to do a little bit of HomeWork before bringing it to your dropshipping store.

It’s better to research a bit than regret later.


Factors defining the profitability of any dropshipping product-


Check out how effectively the dropshipping product is being demanded in the market.

Look into the search results of the dropshipping products desired by you- The higher the search results, higher are the chances of generating revenues.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers



Say, you want to include watches in your dropshipping store. Get a hint from its search results- 1,750,000,000 is not just something to be ignored of!


Similarly, make a list of all the possible dropshipping niches you want to get at your dropshipping store and Get some help from Google Trends-


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


Google Trends simply lets you compare all the products in one go and helps you get started with the most profitable dropshipping niche.


The very next step as soon as you select a product is enquiring about its pricings- Compare it using all the Comparison Shopping Engines such as Google Shopping Engine, Pricefalls, Nextag, Shopzilla etc.



What are Comparison Shopping Engines?

Comparison Shopping Engines a.k.a (Price Comparing Websites) are the websites where online retailers set their products along with other merchants’ products- which enables customers view and compare products based on price, features, reviews, and other criteria.  


Now that you have selected your Dropshipping niche- It’s time to move forward and select the top AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


  1. Choose the AliExpress dropshipping sellers with 95% and higher feedback


One of the crucial steps in critiquing AliExpress dropshipping sellers is selecting the reputed seller from the entire stock.


Going back in time -> The perfect-most of all- “the rule of thumb” states that one must contact/buy from AliExpress dropshipping sellers who have more than 95% positive feedback.



AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers

Image Source: ecwid


These “feedback score” in the form of “stars” or “diamonds” shows the authenticity of AliExpress dropshipping sellers acknowledging dropshippers with the amount of “Positive Feed Rate” that the AliExpress dropshipping sellers have received.


However, AliExpress dropshipping sellers with more than 95% Positive Feedback Rate along with a Feedback Score of around 2,000 is considered to be a reputed seller.


Well, it simply doesn’t imply that AliExpress dropshipping sellers with 500 feedback score should not be trusted, rather it is one of the very popular ways of measuring their credibility.  


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


Considering individual’s product feedback and their order count is also recommended when selecting the best AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


Customers would often go for a product which has a 90% positive feedback rate and is sold 5 times than a product that has 100% positive rate and is sold only two times.


  1. Don’t hunt for the “lowest price”


Remember, all that glitters is not “Gold”.

However, being a veteran in the industry these sellers are highly skilled and know all the necessary tactics to attract buyers/dropshippers.


Moreover, there is no denying in the fact that AliExpress offers the products at lowest prices possible.


Here lies the truth behind- Generally the AliExpress dropshipping sellers with little or no feedback are the ones who offer products at dirt cheap prices (compared to their competitors).


It might be the case at times that being new in the marketplace the AliExpress dropshipping sellers want to make a mark in order to get recognized- with his effectively lower prices.


You gotta be cautious here again, in order to avoid the scam.


Being an entrepreneur you must “never compromise” the quality of products else you may very often come across the fading interest of your prospects- thus, affecting your conversions.


Make sure to go through the complete price range offered by various AliExpress dropshipping sellers- If you come across a list of sellers who offer similar price and even if one among the various sellers offers the product at a significantly lower price. You may assume that the product is likely not genuine.  


  1. Heed the “authenticity” of the product


No matter how rapidly the giant marketplace (AliExpress) is gaining name worldwide. The issue of “fake” products still holds it back.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


Filtering out the “apt” product in the ocean of billions is just not easy!


How can you identify the suitable products?


As with every failure, you explore 10,000 other ways that don’t work. Identifying the right product in the ocean of products with a zillion of search results will surely bring some new findings to you.


Well, here are few tactics that would certainly help you in finding the right products-


Don’t miss out the seller and product feedback score:


Thanks to the technology, for making our lives even easier, “Feedback scores” are the true reflections of AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers



Unlike other marketplaces, these feedback stores matter a lot to the AliExpress dropshipping sellers. Thus, restraining them from getting involved in any kind of malpractices that might endanger feedback score.


Not only the seller score, rather you can also check out the product feedback by clicking on the “Feedback” tab on the product page.


Check out “other” products on Sale:


Following the very famous quote, “if you chase two birds at the same time, chances are you’ll end up missing both of them.”  

But why are we talking about birds here?

Get back to the statement again, it actually dealt with focussing on to one thing than multiple things at a time.  

The quickest way to do many things is to do “one” thing at a time.”  


Just as AliExpress dropshipping sellers who stick to only one type of product/brand is likely to be more authentic than someone who is trying to sell out almost everything on one platform.


You can simply check the brands offered by the AliExpress dropshipping sellers, by looking at the list offered in the “seller’s categories” section in the in the left sidebar. In this case, the seller largely focuses on accessories from upcoming brands:



AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


How can you miss out the warranty offered by the AliExpress dropshipping sellers?


It is rather advisable not to run behind “low prices” as the chances of inauthenticity may grow more.


Speaking of “low prices” we don’t simply mean that AliExpress dropshipping sellers with “sky-touching” rates are the perfectionists.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


Well, to simplify the same AliExpress offers us the option to check seller warranties, as depicted in the above image.


Are you ready to purchase the product? Hey, Wait!-


Did you have a word with the AliExpress dropshipping sellers?


Believe us or not, no one in the world can deny the power of “words”. No matter how rigorously have you researched about the products and your “to-be-dropshipping-partner”.


Nothing in the world can match the power of verbal interactions.


We recommend you not to get lost in the flow and take out some time for a healthy communication with AliExpress dropshipping sellers- since products are dispatched directly from them rather than AliExpress.


It is recommended to directly write to the supplier- seeking all the information related to item’s details, shipping and everything associated with delivery.


Look in for the AliExpress dropshipping sellers’ contact details on the left sidebar of the product page.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


  1. Heed onto the responsiveness of AliExpress dropshipping sellers


Once you have tried contacting the AliExpress dropshipping sellers, keep your eyes on his reply- the more actively he responds to your query, the more reliable and trustworthy he is. Thus, bringing in a positive impact.


Remember, time is money and AliExpress dropshipping sellers who can’t respond quickly to your requests or is unreliable in his response time is likely to end for a bad partner.


Hey! Don’t miss out considering local China time (UTC +8) in mind prior.


  1. Never miss out negotiating prices on bulk orders


There is no denial in the fact that no one in the world can match up the lower pricing strategies of AliExpress. They offer you some discount for bulk orders.


You can look for such discounts on the product page under “Bulk Price”.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


You would be glad to know that this discounted price is completely negotiable, especially when you have a mass requirement than the seller’s mentioned bulk price.


For times when you have 100+ piece orders, you can likely negotiate a few extra % points.


It is a smart act to negotiate before making a purchase commitment with the AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


  1. Did you go through the item specs carefully?


As with anything, cross verifying would bring no harm and moreover when you are about to invest money into something.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers


It is advised to go through the item’s description very carefully and only then place an order- don’t get attracted on the pretty looks of the picture.


  1. Won’t you go through the seller guarantees?


AliExpress dropshipping sellers offer their own set of guarantees. You must not miss out pondering on to the “Guaranteed Genuine” tag.


However, even if the product is found to be spurious, you will get your refund including the shipping cost.


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers

The AliExpress Rating Symbols-


When looking out for products, you can filter out the AliExpress dropshipping sellers via numerous symbols such as different icons, like medals, diamonds or crowns.


The number of icons depends upon the number of positive ratings and feedback the seller has managed to gain so far. AliExpress follows the simple funda of allotting more icons to sellers with a higher rating. The image below portrays the same-


AliExpress Dropshipping Sellers



How to contact AliExpress dropshipping sellers right away-


In the era of social media, communication has never been a barrier for us. Since, the advent of the Internet has brought in so many communication channels for us.


However, of all eMail is the preferred mode for most of the AliExpress dropshipping sellers.


Here is a stencil that you may consider as a guideline before contacting the AliExpress dropshipping sellers-




This is [Your Name]. I was looking out for AliExpress dropshipping sellers when I came across your profile.

As a matter of fact, I am highly interested in your [Insert Product Name or Item Code].

However, I would be highly obliged if you consider clearing few of my doubts as follows :

  1. What is the price per unit?
  2. What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
  3. What is your expected delivery time, including customs?

Also, in order to maintain transparency, I would like to place an order for a sample before placing the full order.

If you can please send over the sample cost including shipping to the US?

Looking forward to building a great business relationship with you. Thank you.

[Your name]


[Company Name]




A Final Word on AliExpress dropshipping sellers-


The fact that being a newbie or a veteran in Dropshipping doesn’t matter- welcomes almost everyone.

AliExpress isn’t perfect, but it does have a lot of advantages over sourcing products.


For one, being a dropshipper you get access to a massive inventory with no MOQs. Moreover, you get products for extremely low prices, including free shipping on most items.

It does have some counterparts- communication issues and the occasional seller dispute.


Since, most of the AliExpress dropshipping sellers are Chinese they often come across this issue of communication. So, it is advisable to mail them. As they can easily translate it.    


Also, in order to mitigate this problem, AliExpress offers robust buyer protection and an easy to use communication system.

To sum up, you’ll find AliExpress dropshipping sellers to be a very valuable partner for your dropshipping empire.


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