Magento2 Aliexpress Integration

AliExpress Magento 2 Dropshipping

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  • Import Product
  • Orders
  • Syncing


With our years of experience, we have built this remarkable dropshipping extension including all the key features that’ll help you win the game.

Import Products

Pull Products

Simply choose the product from any of the dropship suppliers of your choice and import products either one-by-one or all in one go.

Push Orders

Push Orders

If an order is placed on the Magento store then the order is also created on the AliExpress simultaneously. Order in bulk is created on AliExpress by different actions provided..

Price Markup

Order Syncing

After the Orders are created, they are synced and the status tracking of orders can be done with AliExpress Magento 2 dropshipping extension

Price Quantity Syncing

Pricing Markup

You can set a pricing bar for your items to optimize the price margins by a single or fixed quantity.

Multiple Dropship Suppliers

Real-Time Sync

A real-time inventory syncing is provided in ‘AliExpress to Magento importer’ to enable effortless selling.

Customise your Products

Personalised Listings

Personalisation can be achieved by allowing customers to choose the language based on the country.

Personal Account Manager

Personal Account Manager

Howsoever seamless a solution may be, a little human interatcion and coaching is always welcomed, we know it better than anyone, becuase let's just say humans are more fun to work with.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Well however perfect you build a solution to be, it can bug you anytime, so you have option open to bug us 24*7*365, or you can simply drop by to say hello! We won't mind.

Magento2 Aliexpress Dropshipping

AliExpress to Magento Importer Dropshipping

  • Become a dropshipping ninja and connect your Magento 2 store with Aliexpress and start your dropshipping journey.
  • Import products from Aliexpress, list at your Magento 2 store and sell it to your targeted audience.
  • Become a dropshipping Juggler and add another dimension to your dropshipping business by importing products on AliExpress.
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You can either read the documentation or watch this (1 minutes) engaging video, helping you to understand the solution, We know what you prefer.



Screesnhots almost instantly makes you familiar with different aspects of the solution if you operate them after visiting screeshots, isn't it?

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A well documented manual has its own importance but a live experience of what you will be getting is irreplaceable.

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