The Ultimate Guide: How to find Dropshipping Suppliers?

March 15, 2018
The Ultimate Guide: How to find Dropshipping Suppliers?


Dropshipping→ Niches→ Dropshipping Suppliers→Conversions.


Making money online has never been easier than today!


With ample amounts of options on hand, all you need is “one” wise move in the right direction.


However, with so many business choices, one doesn’t require enough investment.

You might be thinking what does our “enough” signifies to?


Ah, let’s put it up this way- Do you believe an investment of $1k makes you billionaire someday?


Probably, you cannot limit risks anyhow.


We have seen entrepreneurs quitting their year-long efforts.  


However, with millions of Internet users, you actually don’t need to quit your online job.


dropshipping suppliers

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A successful business doesn’t resemble upon QUANTITY rather it majorly focuses on its QUALITY.



Did you know?

Dropshipping leverages you start your online business with “zero” dollar investment from any part of the globe along with most profitable dropshipping niches.  :O


So even if you are a budding entrepreneur or already have hands in some of the other forms of online business. You must leverage the growing internet benefits and try out the so benefiting Dropshipping.


What’s special on our blog?


Below we enlist a list of all #FREE top dropshipping suppliers directory-- Don’t miss scrolling down!


About 33% Dropshippers are already ruling the land of eCommerce since the history of the Internet.


What is Dropshipping?


Dropshipping helps you take up the entire credit and earn limitlessly, without setting up an inventory store. Didn’t it sound enticing?


Well, actually! Your customer orders a product which is shipped via your Dropshipping suppliers who looks after the entire shipping methods.


Dropshipping does not ask you to worry about inventory.


Dropshipping allows you sell millions of products- from any domain.


Dropshipping business can be run from any part of the globe.


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There’s a minimal amount of risk involved as a seller (because you may encounter some fake dropshipping supplier as well).


Explore our step by step guide to Dropshipping here.


However, be it any business, suppliers play an eminent role in completing the entire business cycle.


Moreover, as far as Dropshipping is concerned, “it asks for “zero” initial investment”.


The irony of setting up a new business be it dropshipping is finding the right products and dropshipping suppliers.


Your role does not end in finding the apt and highly demanded product for your prospects. Instead, ensuring that your dropshipping suppliers deliver the niche as is advertised.  


All you need to do is, make a small effort in finding out the best dropshipping suppliers company.


Which as a matter of fact, we have already minimized for you in the later part of this guide.


So let’s get straight to the point-


The Dropshipping Suppliers Chain


dropshipping supplier



As any other business plan, Dropshipping also comes with some set of rules.


The entire dropshipping suppliers chain consists of a manufacturer. A manufacturer is one who produces the particular dropshipping niche.



Some manufacturers have a dropshipping program, which enables you directly partner with them.

It is considered to be the best way as it cut downs all the involvement and irrelevant shares of middlemen.

Hence, allowing you to gain highest margins.


In case, the manufacturer does not have a dropshipping program. They are more likely to work with one or several wholesalers.


One needs to be cautious while approaching manufacturers, as the market is full of “fake manufacturers as well”.


Well, wholesalers purchase the niche from manufactures in bulk and markup the price accordingly. It’s usually safe in partnering with the “real” manufacturer.


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Hold on, for we list down all the effective tactics to spot the difference between “real” and “fake” Dropshipping suppliers.


Let’s have a quick look at #FREE-Top dropshipping suppliers-


With a huge number of dropshipping suppliers around the globe. We have listed down all the Dropshipping companies with no fees.


Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers companies-


Dropshipping Suppliers Company Products Sign Up Cost

With a yearly revenue of 158.3 million yuan in 2017. It is an online platform offering millions of products Including electronics, apparels etc. It is one of the leading wholesale platforms on global ranking.  






Jewelry etc.

#Wholesale Central-

It is one of the oldest free directories of wholesalers and dropshippers, which is categorized by product type. It enables a large selection of suppliers.





Luggage, Sporting Goods etc.

#Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct is a general dropshipping company that provides access to 100,000 products. Shipped from their own warehouse.




Apparel etc.


Known for fulfilling print orders on demand. They are located on both sides of the pond. For a closer interaction with their customers. They do have any minimum order volume.




Canvas Prints etc.


Youbar is a manufacturer for the protein bar. They believe in creating and producing the energy bar of their brands. They provide all kind of protein bars including- high- protein/low sugar, high fiber etc.

Providing protein bar for 10 years. #FREE
#Arett Sales

Arett sales help you set up an online store as well as they directly ship the inventory. They are known for garden and outdoor living supplies.


Outdoor supplies,


They are a wholesale company. Dealing with niches including toys, gaming, health and, beauty. They also have set of suppliers under them.




Beauty etc.


Spreading their fragrance among the customers. Their niches include perfume, makeup products, hair styling tools and a lot more.  




Hair Styling Products etc.


Hotstuff is a renowned dropshipping suppliers which directly deals with image posters, art prints, and decals. They have the option of priority mail.




Art Prints etc.


Another leading dropshipping suppliers company. Famous for niches including- hardware and tools. They are to have the best deals on the B2B marketplace.



Business Tools


Spreading cures in the world with their herbs, spices, teas etc. Esutras is a leading dropshipping suppliers company which is known for health and wellness.

Organic botanicals,



Wellness products etc.

#Essential pet products

Quite obvious by their name, their popular niche owns all the pet supplies and pet products.

Cat furniture,

Cat containment,

Cat Letter Boxes,

Dog Car seats,

Dog crates,

Dog House etc.



These dropshipping companies charge no fees and provide free dropshipping to dropshippers worldwide.


The only hurdle that comes on the journey to start dropshipping is finding the relevant dropshipping suppliers.


The dropshipping company listed above holds thousands of free dropshipping suppliers on a single platform. So that you can pick and choose products to dropship on your online store.


These are a few free dropshipping suppliers charging no membership fees.


After acknowledging these free dropshipping suppliers it’s time to start your own store and earn globally.


Apart from free dropshipping suppliers, let’s have a look at few dropshipping suppliers directories which have already gained their name in dropshipping business today-




dropshipping supplier


Quick Stats--Established: 2005

Price:  $67 per year

Over 8,000 suppliers


Providing access to over 1.6 million products. Salehoo is one of the leading online directories.


Intaking goods from numerous dropshipping suppliers around the world.   


Their niches are available in 75 different categories.


Salehoo also comes with some specific tools that lets you easily hunt the top dropshipping suppliers over the site.


Salehoo very confidently guarantees their dropshipping products to be defect-free.


Salehoo also leverages to build your store for an additional $27 a month.



Great Customer Support- Salehoo enables you to interact with their team. In case of any assistance.

Leverage their Market Research Lab feature of dropshipping suppliers to know which type of product will profit you on a larger scale.  


They do not offer the #free trial. However, they give 60 days money back guarantee.

Their sole focus on small business.




dropshipping supplier


A newbie or a veteran? Well, AliExpress has its door open for everyone.


With its exclusive feature of “ePackets”, it lets the products shipped within 3-4 business days.


ePackets usually allow free shipping or may cost around $1-$2 hardly.


Leverage your customers with #FREE shipping-




The perk of AliExpress is that it provides the products at the lowest price possible.


That being the reason- AliExpress bagged up 158.3 million yuan yearly revenue which can be translated to 22.99 billion U.S. dollars.


Since a wide number of online sellers prefer dropshipping. AliExpress is often known as AliExpress Dropshipping.


The lucrative part of using AliExpress is that you can use WooCommerce/BigCommerce/Magento store with dropshipping.cedcommerce solution effectively.


In case if you do not have a store of yours, we will build your own store.



Offers product at the least price possible.

Can be easily integrated with eBay, Wish, Bonanza and other marketplaces using the concept of ReList.

It has a range of various dropshipping suppliers.

Provides free shipping(or $1-$2).

Ships product within 3-5 business days.


You don’t contact a manufacturer directly, rather you get to see only third-party sellers.

It is often difficult to communicate with dropshipping suppliers- Due to language restrictions.

There might be some mismatch with the quality of products.




eSources is a UK based directory.


With 3,50,000 domestic listings and more than 1.5 million dropshippers. It is one of the eminent UK retailers.


They offer free sign up.


However, if you want to contact them directly, they acquire a subscription charge of £20 a month, £50 for six months, or £75 for 12 months respectively.


Another, amazing thing about eSources is that it holds a logo right next to its name, which signifies their authentication.


Its TradePass company verification system is another benefiting pie of the cake.



tIt leverages the companies to be verified and give them the TradePass badge.

They have a lot to offer for UK dropshippers.


Not for everyone, but it does charge membership fees for some buyers.




dropshipping supplier


One of the leading Whole trade platforms. Toptenwholesale connects buyers with wholesale dropshipping suppliers, distributors, and other resellers of both new and used products.


It is a trade board i.e. it only has listings for products and suppliers.


Another lucrative feature of toptenwholesale is that unlike other dropshipping supplier they are easy to navigate.


It also features the bulk order of products, which is beneficial for most of the vendors.


They ensure authentication of products, sourcing from U.S based suppliers.



They have a number of dropshipping suppliers from the U.S. which adds a lot of benefit to them.

It has a very detailed directory.


Products can only be ordered in bulk so does not favor dropshippers at times.

Lack of product refinement.




It is a China-based wholesale site that solely focuses on large amount orders.


It has large collections for every kind of goods and dropshipping suppliers.


It is highly preferred for placing orders in bulk.



Best suited for wholesalers, as it provides products in bulk.

It offers the white label for better branding of products.


Allows only bulk orders.

As it is based in China, there are several communication difficulties as well as the higher probability of delayed product deliveries.




dropshipping supplier




Doba is one of the biggest dropshipping suppliers with largest product offerings that aggregate 2 million products from nearly 200 suppliers.


It does not limit its services only till simply listing suppliers. Instead, they provide services which integrate with dropshippers.


Hence, allowing you to place tremendous orders with multiple warehouses.


Quick Stats-Established- 2002

Suppliers- 165

Over 1.5 million products

Price: $60/- month


Doba on the other hand also provides outstanding support services via email, Skype, and live chat.


It is said to be compatible with all of the major eCommerce platforms in its data export process and can even export lists in CSV or XML.


Adding spice to its feature, Doba has a robust inventory management system which automatically updates you when you’re running low on a certain product.


Or even at the times when the description of a certain product has been changed.


Although, Doba provides most expensive services.


It provides greater functionality- As soon as you sign up, you’ll be contacted by a support representative who will help you set up your account and get the ball rolling.




Doba has one of the easiest user interfaces. Which makes it great to use for not so tech-savvy people.

It offers great support with tons of products and suppliers. It also has the best back-end management system.

Time Friendly-It saves your time by enabling you to add bulk products at once.


Shipping speed might vary- leading to excessively delayed order shipment.

Its high fees puts a restriction on small businesses.




Dropshipping Supplier


Consumer electronics, video games, DVDs, MP3 Players etc.


Are you a gadgets fanatic?


Then megagoods is for you!


Located in Los Angeles, the dropshipping suppliers has around 2,000 products.


With such a number of products. The best part about megagoods is that they are centered around only one niche- electronics.


Speaking of its amazing return policy. It offers a 30-day guarantee against manufacturer defects.


Megagoods membership plan enables better pricing and charges- $14.99/ month.


Along with the monthly payment, they also charge $1.50 surcharge for dropshipping an item.


The megagoods team also charge a restocking fee of 20 percent on all the unwanted returns.



A good choice if you’re only selling consumer electronics and video games.

It's based in the United States, which means you can advertise U.S.-made products.

It offers blind shipping.

It is not expensive.


It has a limited products catalog.

Its data feed export leaves a lot to be desired.



Finding a quality and reliable dropshipping suppliers is the most difficult part for dropshipping.


To minimize much of your efforts we have listed down the best and top dropshipping suppliers.


With different pros and cons, it’s on you to select the one you find best.


However, the list doesn’t limit itself with only these dropshipping suppliers directory. Instead, there are millions of dropshipping suppliers.


And with so many options in hand, the real task is to find the best and the real dropshipping suppliers.


How to spot the difference between Fake and Real dropshipping suppliers?


It is no surprise that you may end up with “fake” dropshippers at times or most of the times.


Remember, all that shines are not Gold.


In the same way, dropshipping suppliers with attractive websites and hot deals may not be the prominent ones.


Usually, most of these dropshipping suppliers are fanatic about their “products-shipments and on-time delivery”.


This is what makes them less tech-savvy and non-expert in terms of marketing.


Benefiting these loopholes of few dropshipping suppliers, certain “not-so-genuine manufacturers” seem to try their luck. Hence, fooling dropshippers around.


For instance, say there are so many t-shirt dropshipping companies. Now, you may encounter a number of “fake” dropshipping suppliers for this case.


The following maneuver will help you discern whether a wholesale supplier is legitimate-


Do your research-


With so many uses of the Internet in daily life. One such work is a thorough research of the dropshipping suppliers, prior contacting them.


Check out their history, revenue generation and every bit of detail via different Internet sources such as- Internet Wikipedia.


Go to their website and do not miss any of the online reviews.


It is suggested to contact the dropshipping suppliers, who have a genuine website.

How would you ensure if the visited site is secure and genuine?



Contact only secured sites- URL beginning with an “https” are secured ones. As the "s" in https signifies an additional layer of security known as- Secured Socket Layer(SSL).


Legitimate dropshipping suppliers often sell to Public-


Not every dropshipping suppliers or wholesaler will provide you products at genuine price.


Initially, you need to apply for a wholesale account in order to get proved that you’re a legitimate business.


There are few dropshipping fees that are likely to be encountered such as-


Fees Prior Order-


Depending on the size and complexity of the items being shipped. Dropshippers may charge a fee ranging around $2 to $5 or even more. It is considered to be the standard charges in the industry.  


Least Order Sizes-


There are few dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers who have this set rule for minimum initial order size.


That is the lowest amount that you need to purchase for your first order.


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It is one of the strategies of dropshipping suppliers which lets them filter out the merchants who visit their store for window-shopping and waste their time.   


Let us take it this way, say if you are dropshipping and the dropshipping suppliers you contacted has a minimum order for $400.


However, your average order sizes around $50.


You would never want to make a purchase of $440 beforehand, in any case.


In that case, you can simply offer advance payment for future purchases. That would lead you them to create a credit against your dropshipping orders.


The Ongoing Fees-


It is important to understand the difference between dropshipping suppliers and the directory of wholesalers.


The dropshipping directory enlists the list mentioned above.


Another thing to note is that dropshipping directories do charge some amount based on a monthly or yearly basis.


A Final Word On Dropshipping Suppliers-


Reaching out the apt dropshipping suppliers may boost your dropshipping business and take it to another height.


Make sure you approach dropshipping suppliers who have expert Staff and keep themselves updated with the changing trends.


Verify if they have quality and dedicated support staff.


Look out if they are organized and efficient enough.


Reach out your competitors and look for the dropshipping suppliers they contact to.


An effective competitive analysis is a must for any business type. It helps you plan your business accordingly, and be ready with every hurdle that may slow down your working rate.


Having known enough about the top dropshipping suppliers worldwide. It is the time to go and hit the right dropshipping suppliers.



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