Are You Stuck With Keyword Research For Your Product? Get Help From AliExpress

February 15, 2018
Are You Stuck With Keyword Research For Your Product? Get Help From AliExpress



E Commerce- Keyword Research- SEO- AliExpress- Dropshipping- Website- Huge- Conversions


Ultimately, after a full span of tiring 24 hours, you want people to convert.


Don’t you?


Obviously! In order to lead the race. You must possess something that would make you stand “out of the box”.


The fact that you provide “the best Dropshipping solutions” won’t actually help you bring huge traffic.


For the reason, there are more than 33% Dropshippers on the globe. Competing with them requires the best strategies possible.


Remember, there is no best suitable time to start anything.


For an year after now, you might be thinking you must had started today.


Also, the competition rate after an year may get doubled. Leaving you in a more cumbersome situation.

An year from now, you might wish you had started today.  


Pro Tip


1.   Why is SEO important for e commerce?


Today, about 96% of Americans shop online. Imagine the amount of investigation put by those online stores to be at the top.



You would never want your visitors on the site to click through, your landing pages and bounce.


Hold on, for we’ll discuss shortly the goals to get the effective number of conversions for your online store.


 Will random niches help you earn millions?


Think again, had that been the case every other dropshipper would be a millionaire by now.


Today, when almost every other dropshipper applies this concept of e commerce SEO. You must not stand behind.


For, Google only understands the concept of e commerce SEO. Which is fair enough, for all those out there who are effectively following the do’s and don'ts of e commerce SEO.


You may be trying to figure out. How does e commerce SEO helps in dropshipping conversions?


Firing random bullets in the air without aiming a target does not hits the required target every time.


Remember, momma advising you to learn the basics of anything and analysing it beforehand.


Being a dropshipper demands you to follow the same strategy- Planning, Knowing its effects and Executing which way would bring the best conversions.


The step by step guide to leverage E Commerce SEO effectively and take your online store to boom.


E Commerce SEO Checklist- Strategy



“Organic Traffic”, Is probably not a new term for you.


Organic Traffic is something that the online marketers are striving to increase by large numbers. The traffic coming from search engines such as Google and Bing.


Organic Traffic includes all the non paid methods of driving traffic to your site.


keyword research


The moment you enter the keyword “shoes” a list of results pops up- Zappos, Nordstorm Rack, Shoes and Macy’s.


Now, when you click and purchase a shoe for yourself from this result. It would get counted among organic conversion.


You want your brand name to be searched on the top, don’t you?


Let us explore other effective measures to get your brand at the top.


How to optimize your keyword research results for e commerce website?



Pro Tip:


The “Three Second Test”

Put on your customers hat and try analyzing your homepage. After a while ask yourself-


=> Can prospects tell what you sell within three seconds?

=> Would any visitor like to trust his/her credit card to you?




No matter what your e commerce site deals with.


It is important to get your online store optimized in an effective way.


Only then, would you get better conversion rates.



The AliExpress - “Keyword Search”



If you wish to run an effective e commerce SEO campaign,that would take your Dropshipping store to another level. Make sure to kick things off with Aliexpress keyword research.




Because an effective keyword research speaks about the next SEO-related task. That you would do on your online store’s website, in an effective manner.


Without keyword research it is impossible for you to optimize your product pages, landing page and hero page at all.


Thus, making it difficult for your dropshipping or any other e commerce store website to rank up.


Your keyword research list is no less than “hitting six” on the last ball. So, by now you can very clearly figure out the IMPORTANCE of keywords for your e commerce SEO optimization.



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How Will You Research Keywords For E commerce Product ?


You might have been hearing about “forming content/products” that directly deals with the SOLUTIONS of your “targeted audience problems”.


Rather than, briefing them about their problems (they are already aware about their problems, aren’t they?), deal with the effective solutions. 


Your doctor never explains you your problems (diseases), you are the one stating that. Rather, provides you medicines that could fight with your suffering.


Follow the AliExpress Recommends for Keyword Research


Dropshipping and AliExpress are rather the same things. Every other dropshipper has AliExpress on their tip.


It helps you store the best and trending products on to your e commerce site.


You must see which brands are being preferred by customers.  


Here’s how to get help with AliExpress for keyword research:


keyword research


The keyword AliExpress suggests, tend to be very targeted (often known as long tail keywords). These long tail keywords are often considered to be less competitive.


Also, these AliExpress keywords are seen to, bring better conversion results.


In the AliExpress search box above, you can see that on typing, “Phone” a variety of results pop up, with their search results.


The Higher is search result, more demanding is the niche. Thus, signaling you to get that dropshipping product on your online store right away.


Follow and repeat for the most important products on your site.


Optimize AliExpress Keyword Researched Results with Dropshipping



keyword research



As you saw the research keyword is displayed with numbers i.e. 1,912,569 you can opt for keywords accordingly.


Including the niche with more search results would help you get better conversions.


The image above gives you the search results of the categories with the most searched numbers.


The other niches, i.e. Camera & photo, Smart Electronics, Home Audio & Video, etc. would prove to optimize your e commerce website SEO in a much helpful way.


Wondering which product keyword to place under a particular section?



keyword research



AliExpress search results again helps you at this stage to know all the trending niches.


Seeing the results you will come to know what kind of products and subcategories are required for an optimized ecommerce SEO.


Let us put our observations from the image above- When it is about shoes, you see various results as Men’s Boots, Shoe Accessories- so you come to know shoe accessories which probably include shoe lace, shoe leather etc. can all be listed under this category.


However, the selected section is “Luggage and Bags”.


You get a list of popular products under this niche, which entertains “shoes” too.


The AliExpress “All Categories” Section



keyword research



You can also hit “All Categories” directory and get directed to the most “looked for dropshipping AliExpress niche” that would help you with effective SEO optimization.



AliExpress niche materials



keyword research


Further, you can look for the type of “main material” the AliExpress Dropshipping niche is made up of.


The pattern feature of “AliExpress Recommend”



keyword research



AliExpress Dropshipping niche also helps you acknowledge with the pattern type.


It helps your prospects get a better idea about the niche, helping in better conversion.



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AliExpress E Commerce SEO optimization with “STYLE”



For a better Aliexpress Dropshipping product e commerce SEO optimization. You can also leverage viewing the style section of your selected niche.


keyword research


AliExpress Dropshipping niche further helps you knowing the trending colors you might fill your online store with.


Aliexpress E Commerce color optimization and Related Categories results



keyword research


The various types of related AliExpress Dropshipping niches also get popped up.

keyword research


AliExpress helps you get an idea about the “Dropshipping suppliers”



AliExpress searched results also enlists the list of all “sellers”, related to the desired product.



keyword research


How is it helpful?



keyword research





Knowing the brand names of various suppliers would certainly help you know the suppliers with good reviews.


Once you are done with effective keyword researches and have substantially mentioned it in your product pages and landing pages.


Switch on to the effective utilisation of your webpage. After e commerce SEO comes effective optimization of your website on all devices.


Make sure your e commerce site is optimizable on all devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet etc.


How can you research effective e commerce keywords from AliExpress?




keyword research


Let’s just say, you want to come out with a super new sunglass for your e commerce site.


I insist you to have a look on the snap above, before proceeding further.


Focus on the underlined terms, and see how effectively you can utilize them to form your own keyword.


No matter there are a number of sunglass suppliers. You surely need to stand different among the crowd.


Have a look on effective keyword research optimization from AliExpress item specifications.


Look at the scope section, it enlists Sports, driving, travelling, fishing.


Pick up one reasearched keyword among these terms, say you “sports”.


Now, take up another term Polaroid Sunglasses.


Pick up the style i.e. Pilot.


Now combine them together: Sports+Polaroid Sunglasses+Pilot+Eyewear


It builds up your “Product Description” as- [Sports Pilot Eyewear Polaroid Sunglasses].


Now that you are aware about AliExpress Dropshipping e commerce SEO. Effectively, optimize your online e commerce store following the keywords.




Pro Tip-


Below is a list of various stages of entrepreneurship, choose one that best suits you-


Are you a budding entrepreneur and looking for an online store? You must not wander around for setting up an online store.


Click here to set up an online store.


Do you already have an online store and wish to start dropshipping?


Click here to know all the how’s and why’s regarding Dropshipping.


Do you want to leverage the exclusive Relist feature?


Click here to start ReList.
Click here to start ReListing+Dropshipping.



ReList With AliExpress-


Is AliExpress only limited till Dropshipping?


No, we bring out several other profitable methodologies for you to earn using AliExpress. As explained earlier, ReList brings you the opportunity to sell the same product to another store and double your profit.


You can get the products to your store at a much reasonable price from any giant marketplace say AliExpress. Further, you can sell the same product to three stores markup price.


Pro Tip-


Get a product shipped to your online store at much lower cost from a marketplace.


Now, sell the same product in three different ways-


i. Sell the same product in your store with a markup price and earn benefit.

ii. Dropship the shipped products to your customers.

iii. ReList the same products, i.e. sell the same set of products to different marketplaces at markup place.



Hence, adding dollars to your earnings.





We know you want to sell more niche and generate a higher number of leads.


But, that again needs effective optimization of your ecommerce store. “Keywords” play a major role in avoiding bounce rates.


Analyze Aliexpress products closely and get the best possible results for your e commerce site.


It helps you increase your e commerce site’s ranking and conversion rate with similar tactics of keyword research.


Utilize the effective keyword research strategy for your ecommerce store and drive traffic to your website faster than ever before.


Why AliExpress?



There is no denying in the fact that AliExpress is a leading supplier across the globe. One would always want to stand at the top and stand differently among the crowd.


It is always suggested to follow the leads and optimize their doings in a creative yet benefitting way.


AliExpress very efficiently helps us with the keyword research.


Do not simply copy the whole thing, else you might end up with severe ill results. The reason why I say so is, suppose you have a shop for jewellery and you follow the search results and related keywords of “handbags”, it won’t help.


What keyword research tactics have you stolen from AliExpress that work wonders for your rankings and conversion rate?



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